One More is a blog designed to help followers of Jesus think through and truly grow in their lives as Christians. We want to disrupt the status quo of lukewarm discipleship and empower our readers to live into the call of the Great Commission, reaching One More for the Kingdom of God.

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Adding Lent to the To Do List

Lent is a season in the church year that as the years pass becomes less and less of a tradition in American Christianity. And that’s a shame because it can be a very special season. Lent started at the Council of Nicea in or around 325AD. It was set as a 40 day fast to…

What Do You Fear

This is an article that I wrote for Net Results magazine. It’s a magazine for Pastors and other church leaders. I thought I would share it with you. Again if you like my blog please share it with others. Thanks and may this Lent be the best ever. I will write about Lent in a…

“Cutting Through the Unimportant”

As a Pastor who has done over 200 weddings through the years I’ve developed a kind of “standardized” premarital counseling. In other words, things that I talk about with each couple. One of those things is learning how to “fight fair.” Most couples warm up to the discussion very quickly. However, there are always couples…

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