One More is a blog designed to help followers of Jesus think through and truly grow in their lives as Christians. We want to disrupt the status quo of lukewarm discipleship and empower our readers to live into the call of the Great Commission, reaching One More for the Kingdom of God.

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It’s Not Worth It

You ever get tired? I do, and often it’s my own fault for not getting enough sleep. Sometimes it’s because I stay up too late, other times it’s because I allow the worries of the day to take over and rob me of sleep. Jesus told His disciples in the “Sermon on the Mount;” 25Continue reading “It’s Not Worth It”

As we approach a second Easter that will be different from the ones that we had become accustomed to here at Gainesville Church. Last year we were totally virtual. We used music that was pre-recorded and a sermon that was pre-recorded. Again we will have a Good Friday service that is on-line but this yearContinue reading

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