One More is a blog designed to help followers of Jesus think through and truly grow in their lives as Christians. We want to disrupt the status quo of lukewarm discipleship and empower our readers to live into the call of the Great Commission, reaching One More for the Kingdom of God.

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Knowing the End Results

Am sitting here watching a tennis match at the French Open, but it was played hours earlier and I already know the results. It’s a mixed bag of emotions. I know that Madison Keys (the American) loses the match so I am disappointed. On the other hand there is no stress as I watch. IContinue reading “Knowing the End Results”


Remembering is an acquired skill, or I should say remembering the right things is an acquired skill. All too often we fail in the trap of remembering the wrong things. Tomorrow our nation will remember those who gave the last full measure of their devotion to their country. These are men and women who gaveContinue reading “Remembering”

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