Giving Your Best

We often hear in the sports world about how this athlete gave it 110%. I don’t know how that is possible. If I give you a bottle of water that is 100% full I can’t take the cap off and put in 10% more.

Often in life we are asked if we gave it our all. Did we do the best we could? When I was asked that during my school days I always thought that it was a double edged sword. Of course I could have studied a little bit more, but I was tired. I could have gone over those notes one more time before the test but I needed to eat a little something.

I think a better way to look at it would be to acknowledge the variables. If I am a parent I have responsibilities. If I am a spouse again I have responsibilities. If I work outside the house I have responsibilities. Balancing these responsibilities is a difficult task.

Instead, ask yourself, within the framework of life as it is now, did I put in a good effort? Did I use my abilities to the best of my ability? And am I willing to be held accountable? Accountable to someone other than myself?

Here at Gainesville Church we have begun the season of Lent. Today I am asking the congregation to say yes to God’s inspection of our lives. Introspection, where I evaluate my own life, is a good thing as far as it goes. Inspection is being willing to be held accountable to someone other than myself; i.e. God.

We often fear this inspection because we feel that God will treat us harshly, but in reality it is just the opposite. As God inspects our lives He moves us out of brokenness and into wholeness; out of half filled lives into abundance, and out of sorrow into joy.

Doing my best is often a nebulous thing. It’s something that I can rarely judge accurately. But when I turn myself over to God for His inspection then the outcome will always be His purpose and will for my life. I may see that often I didn’t do as much as I could, but I will find that through His inspection (accountability) I will find His forgiveness, His strength, and His joy.

Try this Lenten season, say yes to His inspection.

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