On Vaca

I took some time off last week, and I forced myself not to do any work. Did answer one text from one of the Church staff. This person had three question and I answered them; yes, no, yes. I really was trying not to engage in work.

We all need time away and in today’s connected world it’s difficult to find that time away and truly separate ourselves from “work.” We can be drawn in by the phone, email, text, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. I am not on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter but still I find myself on my phone or computer way too often even when I am supposed to be “off.”

Jesus regularly separated Himself from the world around Him. Often it was early in the morning to go off and pray. It was a time to commune with His Father, to draw near to the one who was most important in His life. It was a time of refreshment in reinvigoration for the work ahead.

Often we don’t see prayer as a time of reinvigoration and refreshment. It’s a chore or one more task to be checked off our to-do list.

It’s because we haven’t built a relationship with Jesus. We go to church, but we don’t worship. We read His words in the Bible, but we don’t obey. We pray, but it isn’t communing with a loving God.

This Lent try changing your mindset. See your time with Jesus as necessary for your overall health and well being. When you come to worship; ask God to fill you with His joy, the joy of being in His presence. In pray announce to God that you are there seeking to be renewed and refreshed; He will. In reading His word tell Him you are seeking His guidance for your life; and you are willing to obey.

You just might find that reinvigoration and refreshment that Jesus found, because you have drawn near to your Father.

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