What Will It Look Like?

Every day in the news I read another article, that in one way or another, asks this question. What will life look like when we return to the the “new normal?”

I can assure you that we here at Gainesville Church are asking the same question. What will things be like when we return to the “new normal.” In reality this is an oxymoron. An oxymoron is a statement which is an apparent contradiction in terms. Something that is “new” is something that hasn’t been before and “normal” is a return to something that we experienced in the past.

While this idea of the “new normal” fits the definition of an oxymoron it is also the reality of what we are facing. Our “new normal” will have some of the feel of the past but it will be different from what we lived just over a year ago.

Gainesville church, in early 2019 began “live streaming” worship services, but still our main focus was “in person,” in almost every aspect of church life. We were a church that was an “in person” experience with an “on line” presence.

We met “in person” for almost all of our activities. Everything from our worship services, Sunday School, youth group, church meetings, mission activities, to people dropping by the office just to say hello.

All of that has changed in the past year. Now much of what we do is virtual. In 2020, and into 2021, Zoom has dominated my life much more than I ever expected or liked. On the bright side Zoom shortens most meetings. I guess you could call it “Zoom fatigue.”

As we make our way into the 2nd quarter of 2021, with Easter fast approaching, things are changing again. We will once again have an “in person” Easter services, but they will be outside with singing, but with masks on. However, we will also be “on line” and “streamed.” We will be starting back up with some of our mission work, but the organization of that “start up” is being done with Zoom and not in person gatherings.

The lesson for me in all of this, is that being successful in this time is about remembering and putting into action that age old adage; “the methodology changes, but the message never does.”

We still proclaim Jesus Christ crucified, dead, buried, and risen again. We still declare that life, abundant and eternal is found in a life transforming relationship with Him. But we will do it it new ways.

Churches, and businesses as well, in these times of the “new normal” need to make sure that their focus is squarely on their “core mission.”

Yes we will “pivot and adapt” to what this “new normal” will look like, but our message to our church, our community, and our world remains the same. We are still about bringing “one more” into that life transforming relationship with Jesus Christ.

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