Science vs Christianity and God

I read a lot of news articles. And as you might imagine, during this pandemic year, a lot of them have been about the virus and the vaccines that have been developed.

Today it brought me back to the (although I never really left) squared circle (boxing ring) of the never ending fight between science and religion. At least our culture sees it as a fight. I don’t and if you attend Gainesville Church (and I encourage you to do so) you would know that I see science and Christianity as soul mates.

The difficulty in our understanding of their relationship is that we don’t really understand either. We, in the United States, have a rather naive view of science and this has been greatly enhanced by the rapidly developed vaccines against Covid-19.

We get the idea that scientists are given a problem to solve then it’s just a matter of giving them enough time and money and they will find a solution. What we don’t see is the vast number of failed experiments that occur. The number of things that they try that don’t work. The endless hours experimenting on this variant or that one. Trying this idea and that one. Combining this idea with that one. The long days and sleepless nights spent in the laboratory

And I wonder how often do we think about the failures; vaccines that never happen. The ones that our world really needs and great scientists have been working on for decades. Good examples would be that there still isn’t a vaccine for HIV, or Malaria. Yet scientists are still working on all of these things. They just don’t quit.

Contrast that to our approach to Christianity. We throw up a quick prayer when things aren’t going well. We go to church when there isn’t anything else on our schedule. We will get to reading the Bible next week. And when we do read it we are quick to throw out those things we are called to do by God if we don’t like them.

There is little of the hard work and experimentation that science puts into its process. There are few experiments. Like let’s see what happens in my life if I get up a little earlier and give ten minutes to prayer and reading the Bible for six months. And when I don’t get the results that I want, I would tweak it or combine it with something else and keep on trying. Maybe I’ll spend twenty minutes next week.

With science we are very willing to adopt the old adage of; “if at first you don’t succeed try, try again.” With God and Christianity its more like; “I said a prayer and went to church on Easter and I didn’t see God so there must be no God.”

I wonder what would happen if I spent more time in prayer, read my Bible on a daily basis, was faithful in my attendance at worship, and actually started to put the things I heard and read into practice. I wonder what would happen if we experimented, like a good scientist, in what might bring about the result I want, knowing God, really knowing Him in my life.

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