Losing Sight of the Essentials

It’s been a long time since I last posted a blog. An easy excuse would be that I got busy, but the reality is something different. I lost sight of the essentials.

My calling (job) is to communicate the gospel. I do that through sermons on Sundays and now Wednesdays again. I do that by working with your church staff. I also do it by working more closely with the church leadership.

But there is one more way that I let get lost in the busyness of the “stuff” of ministry. I lost sight of how this little blog is an opportunity for me to share the gospel with a potentially larger group; you who read this posting.

This pandemic has taught me a lot of lessons. One is that we, your church, can pivot quickly as situations change. Another is that while the “old way” of doing things is appealing, because it’s what we have always done, and we are comfortable with the old way. It doesn’t mean that it is necessarily the best way.

And, if we stay too attached to the “old ways” we might lose sight of something that is new and can become something essential. My mission is to communicate the gospel of Jesus with as many people as possible. Here is one very effective way and I lost sight of it, but I am back.

We all need to do regular “reality checks” to keep from losing sight of the essentials of life.

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