Too Much Stone Throwing

I am not sure of who the readers of this blog are, but if you attend the Wednesday night service at Gainesville UMC you will get something similar to what you are reading here.

I don’t think it’s a stretch to say there there is too much stone throwing in our society today. I am referencing the account in the 8th chapter of John’s Gospel about the woman caught in the act of adultery. The religious leaders of Jesus’ day brought her to Jesus and said that she should be stoned to death for her sin. This was a serious sin in Jesus’ day.

Jesus’ response was to stoop down and begin writing in the dust and saying that the person without sin should throw the first stone. He continued to write in the dust and the general consensus is that He started writing the hidden sins of those men; starting with the oldest and continuing to the youngest. It’s believed that was what He was writing because they left in that order.

When it’s just Jesus and the woman; He stands up and asks where her accusers are. She says that there is no one left to condemn her, and Jesus says that He won’t condemn her either and that she should leave her sinful life.

I would never say that adultery isn’t a serious thing. It can harm many people, but Jesus’ act of forgiveness should be very instructive for us.

We have a lot of people throwing stones at others for far lesser offenses. They may not like a comment you left on facebook or something you twitted. People throw stones at those who’s ideas that they don’t like. We criticize and we criticize and criticize some more.

I’ve often wondered what we (I include myself here for I too criticize) think we are going to get from being so critical of others? Does it make us feel better about ourselves? Does it build up our self-esteem? Does it take our minds off of our own faults and brokenness?

In the end, at least in my life, it’s only a temporary respite from my living with my own failings. I still need to face myself and look in that proverbial mirror. And if that’s not sobering enough one day I will still stand before Jesus and give an account.

I wonder if He will gather around me all the people that I have criticized. I wonder if He will stoop down and write in the dust? Not the sins of those that I have criticized and judged; but all of mine?

I think we would like our society, our nation, and ourselves if we would throw less stones.

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