Remembering is an acquired skill, or I should say remembering the right things is an acquired skill. All too often we fail in the trap of remembering the wrong things.

Tomorrow our nation will remember those who gave the last full measure of their devotion to their country. These are men and women who gave their lives that our nation would remain free. Men and women who more than self, their country loved.

It is a good thing that we remember them and honor them. Day by day we enjoy the freedoms of this great nation because of their sacrifice.

But the most important person we can memorialize, and not just on Memorial Day is Jesus. He too gave His last full measure of devotion for all of us. That we would be freed from slavery to sin and death.

We should not forget our nations heroes, but we should never forget what Jesus did for us.

This is a short synopsis of this Sunday’s sermon. For the whole thing you can go to gum and click the live tab.

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