Knowing the End Results

Am sitting here watching a tennis match at the French Open, but it was played hours earlier and I already know the results.

It’s a mixed bag of emotions. I know that Madison Keys (the American) loses the match so I am disappointed. On the other hand there is no stress as I watch. I don’t have that anxiety when she hits a bad shot, and I simply admire her good shots. And I don’t have that nervousness hoping she hits a lot more of them and wins the match. In other words because I know the end result; so I enjoy the excellent tennis that is being played with none of the anxiety.

I think about that in relationship to the Christian who knows where they are going after their time here on earth. We don’t need to be disappointed when bad things happen, our guy won. He walked out of that grave on Easter morning. He won. And because He won, I win.

And when good things happen in this life I can enjoy them and not worry that they might not continue. Because this world and my life in it isn’t my final home. I know the end result and Jesus won that battle for my soul. My final destination is secure.

While watching a tennis match that I already may not be as exciting. Living life knowing my ultimate destination is calming and reassuring.

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