Separation of Church and State

Without giving away my age, I remember when prayer was taken out of public schools. Oh, the anger that was in the churches. It was going to be the demise of our country.

One of the things that people didn’t consider in those days was what would a future of prayer in public schools might look like in the future. Our children might be taught to pray Hindu prayers, Muslim prayers, and any other religion that might demand that their prayers be included in the daily routine of the school day.

My point is simply this, when government and Christianity get in bed together it is always Christianity that is compromised. Separation of Church and State has a positive aspect for the church.

How many times have we seen politicians hammer home a political agenda using Christianity to back their point. Never have I seen a political agenda that fully reflects the message of Jesus.

Yes we, as Christians, should participate in the political process. Yes, Christians should run for office. But never should we make our faith subservient to our political beliefs. Never should we compromise the Gospel by trying to jam it into a Democratic, Republican, Liberal, or Conservative agenda.

We live in a broken world run by broken people with ideas that are always flawed in some way. No political party has sole access to ultimate truth. Jesus came into the world to heal our brokenness, but until He comes again the brokenness will never be fully healed. And no country on the earth today will be able to bring about the Kingdom of Heaven until Jesus returns.

Let’s keep church and state separate. It’s healthier for the church.

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