“The Joy of Knowing Little”

Jesus once said, actually He said it over and over again but that is for another blog, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.” What He means for us to understand is that we know so very little and we should rejoice in knowing that we know little. There is a happiness that comes in acknowledging our own lack of knowledge.

I was pre-med. in college. I will never forget in our first biology class Dr. Nelson told us that what we know and don’t about medicine and the human body could be compared to a person taking a 5 gallon bucket down to the ocean and filling it up with water from the ocean. He told us that what we know about medicine and the human body is represented by that 5 gallon bucket. What we don’t know is the rest of that ocean.

I know that it was a long time ago that I was a freshman in college and that medicine has made great advances since then. But the analogy still holds. Maybe, by 2021, we have filled a 10 gallon bucket.

If this is how much we know about our bodies and the illnesses that we get; then how little do we know about the God of the universe? The one who created it and all of us.

We will be happiest when we acknowledge how small our knowledge really is, how our expressions about God are so limited because of our limited knowledge, and our knowledge about His word is woefully inadequate.

Even happier, when we acknowledge this to other Christians instead of pretending that we know and understand about this God who created all of us. Maybe then we wouldn’t start fights with other believers when they disagree with our opinions; that are based on such limited understanding.

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