A Few Question to Ask Yourself; I know Jesus Will

How much is God’s heart becoming my heart? Or said another way; “how much have I become like Jesus.” It’s a good question. Another way to ask that question is to ask; “where I spend my time and my money?” A third way is; “what am I passionate about?” What gets me excited in life

How excited am I to worship God in comparison to cheering for my favorite sports team? Am I willing to scream and shout in my house, in a bar, or at the stadium at the top of my voice, but reluctant to say “praise God” quietly in a worship service.

Where do I spend my money was one of those questions. So when I get a raise or an unexpected financial windfall do I ever think about how I can use that money to help build God’s Kingdom?

When it comes to my time do I wait for my Pastor or the church staff to call me with a list of options of where I might serve in the church or do I call the church office and ask how I can be used?

And if the Pastors and staff do call and give me a list of things do I look for the one that will take the least amount of time? Or do I qualify my willingness to help by detailing all of the times that I can’t help.

Just a few questions to ask yourself if you want to know how much you have the heart of God and are becoming like Jesus.

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