Battling Lethargy

It’s strange to feel the way that I do today. It’s been over 17 months since the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic.

We have made great strides in dealing with this virus. More and more people are being vaccinated and life seems to be returning to normal. And yet in some ways it isn’t. It feels like life is still being held hostage by this virus.

My church has less than half the attendance that it had prior to the pandemic. We are restricting things that we do or we are doing them in very different ways. I understand why we do this, because we want people to be safe.

But there is a lethargy creeping into my heart. A feeling that we will never be normal again, and both of these things are wrong. Jesus is the same today as He was yesterday and He will be the same tomorrow.

The lethargy needs to be battled against. I didn’t say defeated because that will take time, but it needs to be battled. God’s call on my life and the church hasn’t changed; pandemic not withstanding.

And while I long for normalcy it isn’t defined by how we did things 17 months ago. Normalcy isn’t defined by how we did things, rather it is defined by the things that we did.

The things that we did in the past are the same things that we are called to do today. In this pandemic we just need to find different ways to do them.

We are called to reach “one more.” Introduce one more person to Jesus Christ. How we did things up until March 2020 wasn’t the mission. The mission was always “one more.”

Where lethargy sets in for me is having to be in a constant revision and even re-inventing mode. So I am reminding myself that the lethargy is a tool of the enemy to keep me from doing the mission.

I don’t know when we will get past this. So when the lethargy comes I remind myself that the mission is still the same. In fact I just did that now.

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