We live in a world, and country, that is greatly divided in 2022. Unfortunately Christians seem to be increasingly following that trend, and not leading in the other direction.

Sadly we seem willing to be divided by the same things that our nation is divided by, politics and political view points. What are your views on the economy, climate change, and immigration? Are you conservative or progressive? Are you Democrat or Republican? What are your views on the LGBTQ+ issues?

These differences shouldn’t divide brothers and sisters, yet they do? We are called to be “one” in Christ not divided. We see churches and denominations splintering over these issues.

Maybe a start would be to imagine any difference of opinion on the afore mentioned topics, or any others, would be to see it as a chasm or gap between two people, or two groups of people. We then have a choice of what will fill that chasm. We can fill it with trust or mistrust.

All too often the people in our divided nation have filled the many chasms with mistrust (suspicion or having no confidence in the other person or group of people) of the people on the other side of that chasm or gap. We start from a place of suspicion of their motives and even of their character.

Christians are told by Jesus Himself that we are not to judge the character of another person. Yes we can judge a person’s actions but only God can judge the heart.

I can disagree with a brother or sister in Christ’s political opinion on a certain subject, but that shouldn’t make me distrust or judge the content of their character.

The church can take the lead in showing the world how to have differences of opinion without distrusting. We can be a model for staying together as the body of Christ, valuing all of the members of that body, even though we disagree on the transient political issues of the day.

Maybe then America could understand that the same applies to being an American. We can’t say that we love America if we distrust large numbers of Americans. We need to start filling these transient gaps, and they are transient, between us with trust and not mistrust and suspicion.

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