Mixed Up Priorities

One thing the church has often suffered from is mixed up priorities. We prioritize perfect doctrine over listening to Jesus. We cherish being right over obeying the commands of Jesus. We also tend to miss prioritize Jesus’ words. His last command in that upper room was to love one another as He has loved us.Continue reading “Mixed Up Priorities”


We live in a world, and country, that is greatly divided in 2022. Unfortunately Christians seem to be increasingly following that trend, and not leading in the other direction. Sadly we seem willing to be divided by the same things that our nation is divided by, politics and political view points. What are your viewsContinue reading “Divisiveness”

The Horror of Mass Shootings and the Pervasiveness of Sin

In the late 19th, with the advent of Darwin’s “The Origin of the Species,” in which he details his views on how species evolve. At the same time the world’s philosophers were on the cusp of “The Age of Enlightenment,” which could also be known as the age of reason and science. The intellectual community,Continue reading “The Horror of Mass Shootings and the Pervasiveness of Sin”

Lenton Devotional #3

Unfortunately I don’t know how to add a picture to this site so you will need to go to to see the picture. Lent is a unique time in the church year. We concentrate on opening ourselves up to God. We are taught to allow God to examine our hearts, our thoughts, and ourContinue reading “Lenton Devotional #3”

Lenten Devotional #2

One of the misconceptions about Lent is that it is all about feeling guilty. Kind of like the song that the knights sang in that classical musical “Camelot.” “I want to spend a tortured evening staring at the floor guilty and alive once more.” The idea was that if you were feeling guilty then youContinue reading “Lenten Devotional #2”


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