As we approach a second Easter that will be different from the ones that we had become accustomed to here at Gainesville Church. Last year we were totally virtual. We used music that was pre-recorded and a sermon that was pre-recorded. Again we will have a Good Friday service that is on-line but this yearContinue reading

On Vaca

I took some time off last week, and I forced myself not to do any work. Did answer one text from one of the Church staff. This person had three question and I answered them; yes, no, yes. I really was trying not to engage in work. We all need time away and in today’sContinue reading “On Vaca”

Giving Your Best

We often hear in the sports world about how this athlete gave it 110%. I don’t know how that is possible. If I give you a bottle of water that is 100% full I can’t take the cap off and put in 10% more. Often in life we are asked if we gave it ourContinue reading “Giving Your Best”

A Fly On the Wall

Most people have heard and probably used the phrase; “I would like to have been a fly on the wall when…” The place I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall was in the Eagle and Child pub in Oxford England in the 1950’s. This is where the Inklings met eachContinue reading “A Fly On the Wall”

Wisdom Heard

Knowing what to say is not as important as when to say it. Being able to speak wisdom is a powerful tool, but being able to recognize the moment when it will be heard is even more important. Many people know the proverb, attributed to Buddha, “when the student is ready the teacher will appear.”Continue reading “Wisdom Heard”


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