As we approach a second Easter that will be different from the ones that we had become accustomed to here at Gainesville Church. Last year we were totally virtual. We used music that was pre-recorded and a sermon that was pre-recorded. Again we will have a Good Friday service that is on-line but this yearContinue reading

Science vs Christianity and God

I read a lot of news articles. And as you might imagine, during this pandemic year, a lot of them have been about the virus and the vaccines that have been developed. Today it brought me back to the (although I never really left) squared circle (boxing ring) of the never ending fight between scienceContinue reading “Science vs Christianity and God”

Good to Have Abundance of Fruit

For the last 5 weeks we here at Gainesville Church have been having a series of messages on the Holy Spirit. In one of the messages I talked about the Fruits of the Spirit. When preparing the message I was amazed at how many of them related directly to interpersonal relationships. Peace, patience, gentleness, kindness,Continue reading “Good to Have Abundance of Fruit”