Last night at Gainesville Church we had what we call “Blue Christmas.” It is a worship service for those who aren’t feeling “holly” or “jolly” this Christmas because they have suffered a loss of some type. They may have lost a loved one to death, a marriage to divorce, a job, or some other form of loss.

They are feeling deeply “blue.” And at this service we share our sadness together and we give ourselves permission to not feel either holly or jolly. Some people come to this service to walk along side those who are feeling sorrow and great saddness.

In the message last night I talked about the power of praising God as a way of getting strength to go through loss. In specific, of praising God for the “sure and certain” hope that we have for our ultimate future. That is our “hope” in the coming Kingdom of God. That place that we call heaven.

That place where there is no mourning, no crying, no pain, no suffering, and most of all no death. Jesus, on His cross, destroyed death. He made full payment for the sins of humanity. The only thing that we need to do to have this hope is to confess our sins to Him, confess our belief in Him, and then we can have that “sure and certain hope” of His Kingdom as our future home.

There is a great power that comes to us when we praise God for this great hope in His Kingdom. It’s a power to go through the darkest of our days in this broken world. And we do live in a broken world where sorrow and death are tragic realities of everyone’s life.

Praising God for His coming Kingdom can also give us the strength to get through those days when we just feel down. Because when we are praising God for His coming Kingdom we are reminding ourselves of three things.

  1. God made us for more than this broken world. There is a better place where death, pain, sorrow, mourning, and our tears will be no more.
  2. That this God who made all of this for us loves us deeply and constantly. Our God is working for our best even when we don’t see how He is working.
  3. Finally, when I am rejoicing in and praising God for His Kingdom, I remind myself that this broken world isn’t my ultimate home. I am just a pilgrim here on this earth. I am, everyday of my life, getting closer to home. To that place where God is waiting to welcome me home.

I don’t know where each of you are in either your faith journey or your emotional journey this Christmas season. You may have suffered great loss this past year or you may be just a little “blue.” My prayer for everyone who reads these words is that you find the power of rejoicing and praising God for this “sure and certain hope” that we have in Jesus, and you will find His strength in your life today.

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